An Artist in Arizona Heals With Geometry

In an exclusive interview for SIMMIE MAGAZINE, I had the pleasure of talking with Kasey Dutton, a man who wears many hats. Kasey Dutton is a father, an artist, a sculptor, and  an entrepreneur! 

The Third Satoreye LLC is the name of the business founded by Kasey and his son, Wyatt Dutton. Wyatt Dutton is the sole owner, marketer, and public relations manager for The Third Satoreye LLC. With the help of his father, he created The Third Satoreye LLC to elevate humanities awareness of their inner well-being. Wyatt and his father are fulfilling this mission through making interactive art.” This interactive art incorporates the use of Sacred Geometry. 

The term sacred geometry describes the geometrical laws which create everything in existence. It unites the mind and the heart, spirit and matter, science and spirituality. Everything in nature is made up of patterns, structures, and designs from the smallest atom to the infinite universe. Each of nature’s creations reveals to us the nature of that object and its own energetic vibration. Thus every creation has a unique vibratory frequency. The interaction of all the vibratory frequencies found in creation show us the intrinsic unity of the part to the whole.

 Simmie: First off, how are you today?

Kasey Dutton (KD): I am doing wonderful today. How are you doing?

Simmie: I’m doing great thankyou! I really love your artwork! Your company, The Third Satoreye, has such an interesting name. How did you come up with it?

KD: The name of our Co. is The Third Satoreye LLC . It is a play on words. The name is a blend of (Satori) and the (Third Eye). Satori is a Japanese word that I would translate to mean present moment appreciation and awareness. And the Third eye is representative of enlightenment. Honestly, it just popped into my head one day as I was driving. I feel like it embodies everything that I strive for.

Simmie: Haha! Most great names are created on a whim. You said “our company”…..who are the owners of the The Third Satoreye LLC?

KD: Myself and my son, Wyatt Dutton, are the collaboration behind The Third Satoreye LLC . My son is the head marketer, PR, accountant, and he also helps with my creative process.

Simmie: That must be a lot of fun. What is it like to have a father son business?

KD: To have a father son business you have to have a strong relationship. The whole process of owning a father son business is rewarding and can test your relationship at work and at home. My son and I have a unique relationship, we are best friends but we also try to keep intact the father son dynamic. In the end, I wouldn’t  want to go on this journey with anyone else. 

Simmie: You guys are very fortunate. I imagine that such an experience would strengthen the bonds between a father and his son. I remember reading in your bio that you are from Arizona. You also mentioned that you are inspired by the beautiful culture and scenery that surrounds you. Can you describe the culture and scenery in Arizona?

KD: If I had to describe Arizona’s current culture and scenery in a simple phrase, it would be that it’s ruggedly beautiful. And if I had to describe the current people here in one simple phrase  I would say, again, ruggedly beautiful. Now, for the Ancient indigenous cultures & people of the Sonoran dessert, in which I draw a lot of my inspiration from, I believe they were much more spiritually and technologically advanced than what we give them credit for today. What leads me to believe this, is the more I study Sacred Geometry the more their understanding of the divine matrix stands out to me.

Simmie: Who or what is your inspiration?

KD: Physically, mentally, and spiritually I am inspired by the human potential.

Some of the people that inspire me that I feel have scratched the surface of the human potential would be Bruce lee, George Washington Carver, Leonardo Divinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, and Nikola Tesla.

Simmie: The human potential? How intriguing. Would you be able to describe your process?

KD: My process has changed through out the years. At first when I decided to pursue my true passion, art. I would always create things that I thought other people would like and enjoy but that didn’t make me happy and my art suffered for it. So, when I decided to create for me that is when my creativity began to soar and, I think, my art started to improve. 

Simmie: Where do your ideas usually come from?

KD: My ideas / creations come from History, Hermetic Wisdom, and the Kabbahlistic principles. The challenge when studying these things is to stay positive and filter out the negative spins that most people put on them. This then sheds light on what I believe to be, the truth of these topics. These are the topics I surround myself with and involve myself in. I then meditate. This helps me find clarity and gives me an idea I probably would’ve otherwise never thought of. So, in summary, I educate then meditate. 

Simmie: Where can people find/buy your amazing art?

KD: You can currently find them at my Etsy shop TheThirdSatoreyeLLC 

Plus! People can find me on Instagram @kaseydutton_ . People should go ahead and follow me too so I can keep them up to date on my journey and when new pieces are available!  

Simmie: How long have you been doing this Kasey?

KD: I have always dreamt of being a full time artist since I was a little kid. About 5 years ago is when I was able to take a leap of faith and pursue that dream with the help and support of my family. 

Simmie: What about custom art? Do you make specific pieces for individuals?

KD: This really depends on who wants the custom piece done, what it is, and for what reason. I prefer not to do Custom Art because I feel like it can stand in the way of creating and making my own art. Art by my definition is something done on the heart and soul level so when you do it to please someone else it seems to lose the heart and soul. 

Simmie: Do you have any other hobbies or talents?

KD: I became a father at a really young age and then had to drop out of High School. So, in my search to find the best way to provide for my family I learned multiple trades. These trades consisted of manual labor, plumbing, painting, tile installer, marble installer, granite installer, and HVAC. During this whole time I self educated myself in business and I have now passed that knowledge onto my son Wyatt Dutton. All of this has influenced everything I do and make now. From our business to my art.  

Simmie: Are you educated in the art field or self taught?

KD: I am self taught but I consider myself educated just not formally. To quote Matt Damon’s character in GoodWill Hunting “You can get a college education with a dollar in late fee’s at the public library.”  Also, to quote Mark Twain “ I never let my schooling get in the way of my education.” But please note I am not against formal education at all. 

Simmie: How long does it take for you to create an image or art piece?

KD:This really varies on piece to piece because I am always learning as I create and the piece evolves as my skill sets do. Also, when I start out I don’t always have the end result in mind. 

Simmie: What kind of materials do you sculpt in?

KD: I started out with plastilina clay, moved to chavant clay, and am now working with Adam Beane’s Cx5. Cx5 is a hard waxed based medium that is temperature sensitive. I just recently got to work with another material called Skratch and I really enjoyed it for the purpose that it served. So, I may create pieces with it in the future. The reason I believe I gravitated towards using Cx5 currently is because of my background in construction and who I look up to in sculpting. 

Simmie: How did you learn to sculpt?

KD: When I started out I had no intention of becoming a sculptor, I just wanted to make simple shapes to stamp into my concrete pieces. This evolved because one day my brother read me a quote from the book The Art War which was “Imagine what you could do if did all that you could do.” That sparked a desire in me that made me want to turn my then craft into art. So, it turned into sculpting and I have been trying to see what I could do ever since.

Simmie: What kind of sculpting style do you have?

KD: The sculpting style that I would say I have is modeling because its not completely subtractive. Modeling is more in the way of how they make toys. When creating toys they progress to a harder medium so they can capture finer detail. I am inspired by the way toys are made because of the refined detail that they can achieve. This is because I want to see if I can achieve the skill set of artist like Mark Newman and Adam Beane. 

Simmie: Who are some of your favorite sculptors?

KD: My favorite sculptors would have to be Mark Newman, Adam Beane, and Simon Lee. These are my favorite sculptors because of their hyper realism and super clean work.

Simmie: You sculpt, draw, make lamps, is there anything you’re still trying to learn?

KD: I don’t ever believe that I’ll be done learning new things and trying to create differently but right now I really want to begin creating pieces with mixed mediums such as metal and wood. Also, I really want to learn how to do glass work. 

Simmie: What are your thoughts on digital coloring books?

KD: I think that they are great! I think that artist should embrace technology and just find ways to incorporate their heart and soul into it. Digital coloring books are another way that artist can do just that. I also think that technology is just another tool for artist to create and share with. Anything that can make that easier and faster is a good thing. 

Simmie: Do you think your art/books are therapeutic for people?

KD: Yes, because I do my best to incorporate sacred geometry into the composition of my drawings and recent sculptures. To me, Sacred Geometry is to art as key and timing is to music. Many of us know that music is therapeutic and has been used for healing for a very long time now.  Art is therapeutic like music because art is frozen music that is interpreted through our eyes. I believe that the specific dimensions within sacred geometry are like notes in a song. That’s what makes Sacred Geometry Sacred, is the specific dimensions that mark frequencies just like notes. These dimensions and alignments are what define beauty through out nature. As when you look at a beautiful flower or a face. Also, Art, like music, is one of the few things that synchronizes the right side of the brain with the left side of the brain. 

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